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Early twentieth century residents of the Back Hill area of London

The Finsbury archive has a number of issues of Back Hill magazine, a newsletter that was published by the community around St Peter's Church known as 'Little Italy'. The archive has an incomplete bound set of issues, among which are a number of charming pieces by Pino Maestri. Unfortunately they don't always mention the dates he's talking about, but he died in 1992, so the following list probably dates from some time between 1910-1930. From memory, and in collaboration with other old timers, he reconstructed a map of who lived where in the streets around that area; the names mentioned on the map have been transcribed here. Some of the surname spellings may be inaccurate, but have been transcribed as found. More than one name on a line means multiple occupancy of a building:

Great Bath Street:

  • Mariani
  • Bonaiuto
  • Bencivenga
  • Tiano
  • Carter
  • Sullivan
  • McCarthy
  • Fusillo
  • Johnson/Politi
  • Santella
  • Bulldog
  • Barotta/Cavallii
  • Pasquale
  • Cura
  • Bellini/Pett's Workshop
  • Mariani
  • Massa
  • Borolle/Carrano
  • (Carran above?) Fusco
  • Timolus
  • Lawrence
  • Bussolini
  • Grocer/Dairy
  • 'The Magpie'
  • Caliendo
  • Ghezzi
  • Piacenti
  • Johnson
  • Foundry/Jack Dime's father's club
  • Solomon's (Tommaso)
  • Tommaso
  • Cacavella
  • Mazzoni/Cossi Coal before or after
  • Garard
  • Carini/Lusardi/Buffoni
  • Meserotti
  • Tiano/Dimetti
  • Dimetti
  • Johnes Dair (Above Spreni/Ellero)
  • Uganda (Bella Vene Resaurant)
  • Organla
  • Cortese
  • Polverino
  • Pulisano
  • Ciccone
  • Servini
  • Toselli
  • Lombardini
  • Marino
  • Fratellanza Club

In Coldbath Street:

  • Doncaster
  • Oddi
  • Ghirardini

In Coldbath Square:

  • Toomey
  • Secchi
  • Bonfanti
  • Capocci
  • Malvermi
  • Melly
  • There is a charming picture of kids playing cricket in Crawford Passage at this time, with lots of onlookers, so if any of these names are yours, they may well be in the photo.