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This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a selection of general texts covering the major topics. Some books are out of print but can be purchased on Amazon, Google Books and Abe Books or requested through libraries.


Barratt, Nick
Who do you think you are? Encyclopaedia of Genealogy
(Harper, 2012)
Bevan, Amanda
Tracing your ancestors in the Public Record Office
(Public Record Office, 2002)
Cole, Trafford R,
Italian Genealogical Records: How to Use Italian Civil, Ecclesiastical & Other Records in Family History Research
(Ancestry Inc., 1995)
Evinson, Denis
Catholic Churches of London
(Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 1998)
Gandy, Michael
Catholic family history: a bibliography of local sources
(Michael Gandy, 1996)
Gandy, Michael
Catholic family history: a bibliography for Wales
(Michael Gandy, 1996)
Gandy, Michael,
Catholic Parishes in England, Wales and Scotland - an Atlas
(Michael Gandy, 1993)
Gandy, Michael
Basic Facts About Tracing Your Catholic Ancestry in England
(Federation of Family History Societies, 2002)
Hey, David, ed.
The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History,
(Oxford University Press, 1996)
Kelly, B W
Historical notes on English Catholic missions (Classic Reprint)
(Forgotten Books, 2018)
Kershaw, Roger & Mark Pearsall
Immigrants and Aliens. A guide to sources on UK immigration and citizenship
(Public Record Office Publications, 2004)
Payne, Mathew,
Nonconformist, Roman Catholic, Jewish and Burial Ground Registers
(Guildhall Library Publications, 2002)
Pols, Robert
Dating Twentieth Century Photographs
(Federation of Family History Societies, 2005)
Raymond, Stuart A
Tracing Your Roman Catholic Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians
(Public Record Office, 2001)
Smith, Kelvin, C T Watts & M J Watts
Records of Merchant Shipping and Seamen
(Richmond, Surrey PRO, 1998)
Stanca, Luca Matteo, tr. Michael Coffey
St Peter’s Italian Church in London: La Chiesa Di San Pietro A Londra
(St Peter’s Church, Clerkenwell, 2001)

Italian Migration and Italian Community in the UK

Allen, Tudor
Little Italy. The Story of London’s Italian Quarter
(London: Camden Local Studies, 2008)
Audrey, Suzanne
Multiculturalism in Practice (Interdisciplinary Research Series in Ethnic, Gender & Class Relations) 
(Ashgate Publishing, 2000)
Audrey, Suzanne
Multiculturalism in Practic: Irish, Jewish, Italian and Pakistani Migration to Scotland
(Ashgate Publishing, 2000)
Banfield, Edwin
The Italian influence on English barometers from 1780
(Baros Books, 1993)
Banfield, Edwin
Barometer Makers and Retailers
(Baros, 1991)
Barber, Peter and Peter Jacomelli,
Continental Taste. Ticinese Emigrants and their Café-Restaurants in Britain 1847-1987,
(Camden History Society, 1997)
Bernabei, Alfio
Esuli ed emigrati Italiani nel Regno Unito 1920-1940
(Milano Mursia Editore, 1997)
Besagni, Olive
A Better Life
(Camden History Society, 2011)
Bottignolo, Bruno
Without a Bell Tower: A Study of the Italian Immigrants in South-West England
(Centro Studi Emigrazione, 1985)
Chezzi, Bruna
Italians in Wales and Their Cultural Representations
(Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)
Chistolini, S
Donne Italo-Scozzesi: Tradizione e Cambiamento
(Franco Angeli Edizioni, 2011)
Colpi, Terri
The Italian Factor: The Italian Community in Great Britain
(Edinburgh: Mainstream, 1991)
Colpi, Terri
Italians Forward
(Edinburgh: Mainstream, 1991)
Colpi, Terri
Italians’ Count in Scotland. The 1933 Census. Recording History.
(London: The St James Press, 2015)
Denford, Steven & Hellings, David
Streets of Old Holborn
(Camden History Society, 1999)
Dietz, Angelika
Dimensions of Belonging and Migrants by Choice. Contemporary Movements between Italy and Northern Ireland
(Münster, Waxmann, 2011)
Dorris, George E.
Paolo Rolli & the Italian Circle in London, 1715-1744
Emanuelli, Hector
A Sense of Belonging. From the Rhonda to the Potteries. Memories of a Welsh Italian Englishman
(Lagenfield: Six Towns Books, 2010)
Filby, P. William & Nemeh, Katherine H
Passenger and Immigration Lists Index
(Gale Group, 2001)
Forte, Alessandro
La Londra degli Italiani. Dai Penny Ice alla City
(Roma, Aliberti, 2012)
Fortier, Anne-Marie
Migrant belongings. memory, space and identity
(Berg, 2000)
Franchi, Nicoletta
La Via della Scozia. L’Emigrazione Barghigiana e Lucchese a Glasgow tra Ottocento e Novecento
(Lucca: Fondazione Paolo Cresci, 2012)
Fucilla, Joseph
Our Italian Surnames
Girelli, Elisabetta
Beauty and the Beast. Italianness in British Cinema
(Bristol: Intellect Press, 2009)
Greenwood, James
Low-Life Deeps: An Account of the Strange Fish to be Found There
Holmes, Colin
John Bull's Island: Immigration and British Society, 1871-1971 
(Palgrave Macmillan, 1988)
Hopwood, Doreen and Margaret Dilloway
Bella Brum. A History of Birmingham’s Italian Community
(Birmingham Library Services)
Hughes, C
Lime, Lemon and Sarsaparilla: The Italian Community in South Wales
(Cromwell Press, 2003)
Hughes, Colin
Lime, Lemon and Sarsaparilla
(Bridgend: Seren Books, 1991)
King, R
Italian Migration to Great Britain
(Geography, 1977)
King, R
Italians in Britain, An idiosyncratic Immigration
(Association of Teachers of Italian, 1981)
King, R & Zolli, L
Italians in Leicester
(Association of Teachers of Italian, 1981)
Kinross, Felicity
Coffee and Ices. The Story of Carlo Gatti in London
(London: Canal Museum, 2020 [2nd ed])
Longmore, Leonella
From Alien to Italo-Scot
(Inverness: [n. pub], 2016)
Mayhew, Henry, ed. Peter Quennell
London Labour and the London Poor
(Spring Books, 1851 [edn. 1969] Hamlyn)
Medaglia, Azadeh
Patriarchal Structures and Ethnicity in the Italian Community in Britain
(Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2001)
Pia, Anne
Language of My Choosing
(Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2017)
Rea, A
Manchester’s Little Italy: Memories of the Italian Colony of Ancoats
(Neil Richardson, 1988)
Rea, A
Italians in Manchester. History, Traditions, Work
(Musumeci Editore, 1990)
Ruddock, Alwyn
Italian Merchants and Shipping in Southampton, 1270-1600
(Southampton: University College, 1951)
Shankland, Hugh
Out of Italy. The Story of Italians in North East England
Kibworth Beauchamp: Troubador Publishing, 2014)
Spiro, Margherita
Migrant Memories. Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain
(Bern: Peter Lang, 2013)
Sponza, Lucio
Italian Immigration to Great Britain
(Association of Teachers of Italian)
Sponza, Lucio
Italian Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Realities and Images
(Leicester University Press, 1988)
Sponza, Lucio
Italian Immigrants in 19th Century Britain. Realities and Images.
Leicester University Press, 1988
Sponza, Lucio
‘Italian Immigrants in Britain. Perceptions and Self-Perceptions’ in Histories and Memories. Migrants and their History in Britain, ed. by Kathy Burrell and Panikos Panayi
(London: Tauris Academic Studies, 2006) pp. 57-74
Sponza, Lucio & Tosi, A
A Century of Italian Immigration to Britain, Five Essays"
Reading University Press: 1991
Tanner, Christine P.
Carlo’s Ice Cream Parlour and Tea Rooms: Generational History of an Anglo-Italian Family
(CPT Oral History, 2011)
Terry Cooke
Little Italy. A History of Liverpool’s Italian Community
(Liverpool: The Bluecoat Press, 2002)
Valgimigili, A
La Colonia Italiana di Manchester,1932
Wilkin, A
Origins and Destinations of the early Italo-Scots
(Association of Teachers of Italian)
Winder, Robert
Bloody Foreigners, The Story of Immigration to Britain,
(Little Brown, 2004)
Wise, Sarah
The Italian Boy: Murder and Grave Robbery in 1830s London
(London: Jonathan Cape, 2004)
Woolf, Stuart
The Poor in Western Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
(Methuen, 1986)
Zucchi, John E
Little Slaves of the Harp – Italian Child Street Musicians
(Liverpool University Press, 1999)

Inter-War Period and Second World War

Baldoli, Claudia
Exporting Fascism. Italian Fascists and Britain’s Italians in the 1930s.
(Oxford: Berg, 2003)
Balestracci, Maria Serena
Arandora Star. Dall’Oblio alla Memoria: From Oblivion to Memory
(Parma: Monte Università Parma, 2008)
Capella, Peter (ed)
The Arandora Star Tragedy. 75 Years On – London’s Italian Community Remembers
(London: [], 2015
Chappell, Connery
Island of Barbed Wire: The Remarkable Story of World War Two Internment on the Isle of Man
(Corgi Books, 1984)
Colpi, Terri
‘The Impact of the Second World War on the British Italian Community’ in The Internment of Aliens in Twentieth Century Britain, ed. by David Ceserani and Tony Kushner
(London: Frank Kass, 1993) pp. 167-187
Conti, Mario
It’s Late! Final Pages of a Bishop’s Journal
(Glasgow: Burns Publications, 2015)
Gillman, Peter and Leni Gillman
Collar the Lot! How Britian Interned its Wartime Refugees
(London: Quartet Books, 1980)
Hamilton, Hope
Sacrifice On The Steppe: The Italian Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign, 1942-1943
(Casemate: 2011)
Jackson, Sophie
Churchill's Unexpected Guests: Prisoners of War in Britain in World War II
(The History Press, 2010)
Koch, Eric
Deemed Suspect, A Wartime Blunder
(Methuen, 1980)
Lewis, Norman
Naples '44: An Intelligence Officer in the Italian Labyrinth
Morris, Eric
Circles of Hell: the War in Italy, 1943-1945
(Hutchinson, 1993)
Newby, Eric
Love and War in the Apennines,(2010)
Paolini, Stefano
Missing Presumed Drowned. The True Story of the Internment of Italians Resident in Britain during the Second World War
(London: [], 2015)
Paris, Philip
The Italian Chapel [Orkney]
(Edinburgh: Black and White Publishing, 2009)
Paris, Philip
Orkney's Italian Chapel: The True Story of an Icon
(Black and White Publishing, 2014)
Pelosi, Paulette
Arandora Star Memorial Fund in Wales 1940-2010
(Llanelli: Mike Clarke Printing, 2010)
Pieri, Joe
Isle of the Displaced – An Italian Scots memoirs of Internment
(NWP, 1997)
Pistol, Rachel
Internment During the Second World War: a Comparative Study of the UK and USA
(Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
Rossi, V Rev Mgr Gaetano
Memories of 1940, Impressions of Life in an Internment camp
Sponza, Lucio
Divided Loyalties
(Bern: Peter Lang AG)
Sponza, Lucio
Divided Loyalties. Italians in Britain during the Second World War
(Bern: Peter Lang, 2000)
Sponza, Lucio, ed. by David Ceserani and Tony Kushner
‘The British Government and the Internment of Italians’ in The Internment of Aliens in Twentieth Century Britain,
(London: Frank Kass, 1993) pp. 125-144
Stent, Robert
A Bespattered Page? The Internment of His Majesty’s Most Loyal Enemy Aliens
(Andre Deutsch)
Stille, Alexander
Benevolence and Betrayal: Five Italian Jewish Families Under Fascism
(Jonathan Cape)
Strazzari, F
Lettere dal carcere
(Edizioni Dehoiane)
Tudor, Malcolm
British Prisoners of War in Italy: Paths to Freedom
(Emilia Publishing)
Tudor, Malcolm
Escape from Italy, 1943-45
(Emilia Publishing)
Tudor, Malcolm
Beyond The Wire: a True Story of Allied Pows in Italy 1943-1945
(Emilia Publishing)
Tudor, Malcolm
At War in Italy 1943-1945
(Emilia Publishing)
Ugolini, Wendy
Experiencing War as the ‘enemy Other’: Italian Scottish Experience in World War II ,(Cultural History of Modern War)
(Manchester University Press: 2011)
Voss-Del Mar, Nella
The Italian in the ATS
(Arthur H. Stockwell, 2001)

Biography and Autobiography

Contini, Mary
Dear Olivia. An Italian Journey of Love and Courage
(Edinburgh: Canongate, 2006)
Contini, Mary
Dear Francesca, An Italian Journey of Recipes Recounted with Love
(Ebury Press, 2003)
Coraggioso Cogliardo [Eugenio D’Agostino]
Wandering Minstrel and Reports of Other Rondini
(Edinburgh, Neilson Book Services: 2018)
Corelli, Maria
In Love and War: a Letter to My Parents
(Short Books: 2001)
Emanuelli, Hector
A Sense of Belonging. From the Rhonda to the Potteries. Memories of a Welsh Italian Englishman
(Lagenfield: Six Towns Books, 2010)
Fisher, Colin
Pieroni's Fountain: An Italian Immigrant's Search for Respectability in Victorian Bath
(Akeman Press, 2014)
Fontanella, Cecilia & Arleene Piercy
Crossing the Divide
(Lightening Source UK Ltd, 2007)
Joe Pieri
River of Memory. Memoirs of a Scots-Italian
(Edinburgh: Mercat Press, 2006)
Kerekes, David
Mezzogiorno. Life. Death. Southern Italy
(Headpress, 2012)
Newby, Eric
A Small Place in Italy
Olive Besagni
A Better Life. A History of London's Italian Immigrant Families in Clerkenwell’s Little Italy in the 19th and 20th Centuries
(London: Camden History Society, 2011)
Pia, Anne
Language of my choosing
(Luath Press Ltd., 2017)
Piero Tognini
A Mind at War
(New York: Vantage Press, 1990)
Rinaldi, Giancarlo
From the Serchio to the Solway
Salvoni, E & Fawkes
Elena. A Life in Soho
(Quartet Books, 1990)
Victor Spinetti
Up Front
(London: Portico, 2006)


Anita Arcari,
The Hokey Pokey Man,
(Y Lolfa, 2010)
Borlenghi, Patricia
Zaira, a Girl Before Her Time
(Patrician Press, 2013)
Borlenghi, Patricia
Clarice, An Honest Woman
(Patrician Press, 2013)
Borlenghi, Patricia
Dorek, Deaf and Unheard
(Patrician Press, 2015)
Dye, Natalie
Arandora Star.
(Peach Publishing, 2014)
Hughes, Melanie
War Changes Everything
(Patrician Press, 2017)


Arcari, Virginia,
Picinisco, Uncovering 1000 Years of History
Beales, Derek & Eugenio F Biagini
The Risorgimento And The Unification of Italy
(Routledge, 2002)
Bell, Donad Howard,
Sesto San Giovanni (Class and Culture) Workers, Culture, and Politics in an Italian Town, 1880-1922
(Rutgers University Press, 1986)
Di Giovanni, C
Eravamo Terrorist; Lettere dal carcere
(Edizione Paoline, 1989)
Dickens, Charles
Pictures from Italy
Dickie, John
Cosa Nostra: A history of the Sicilian Mafia
Douglas, Norman
Old Calabria
(Phoenix Press, 2001)
Gilmour, David
The Pursuit of Italy: A History of a Land, its Regions and their Peoples
(Penguin, 2012)
Hibbert, Christopher
Benito Mussolini
(Longmans, 1962)
Holmes, George
The Oxford Illustrated History of Italy
(Oxford University Press, 1997)
Levi, Carlo
Christ Stopped at Eboli
(Penguin Classics)
Marin, Umberto
Italiani in Gran Bretagna
(Centro di Studi Emigrazione, 1975)
Robb, Peter
Street Fight in Naples: A City's Unseen History
(Bloomsbury, 2012)
Smith, Dennis Mack
Italy and its Monarchy
(Yale University Press, 1992)
Trevelyan, G M
Garibaldi’s Defence of the Roman Republic 1848-9
(Phoenix Press)
Trevelyan, G M
Garibaldi and the Thousand
(Phoenix Press)
Trevelyan, G M
Garibaldi and the Making of Italy
(Phoenix Press)
Wicks, Margaret C,
Italian Exiles in London, 1816-1848
(Forgotten Books, 2012)
Woolf, Stuart
A History of Italy: The Social Constraints of Political Change 1700-1860
(Methuen, 1979)


Buffini, Moira
Moira Buffini Plays 1: Blavatsky’s Tower; Gabriel; Silence; Loveplay
(Faber and Faber, 2006
Buffini, Moira
Moira Buffini: Plays 2: Dinner; Dying for It; A Vampire Story; Welcome to Thebes; Handbagged
(Faber and Faber, 2015)
Buffini, Moira Damon Albarn & Rufus Norris
(Faber and Faber, 2015)
De Angelis, April
April De Angelis Plays: "Ironmistress", "Hush", "Playhouse Creatures", "The Positive Hour" 
(April de Angelis, 1999)
De Angelis, April
Playhouse Creatures
(Samuel French, 1994)
De Angelis, April
(Faber and Faber, 2012)

Poetry & Lyricists

Bragg, Billy
A Lover Sings: Selected Lyrics
(Faber & Faber, 2015)
Nutini, Paolo
These Streets: Song Book
(Faber Music)
Pia, Anne
Keeping Away the Spiders: Essays on Breaching Barriers
(Luath Press Ltd., 2020)
Pia, Anne
(Luath Press Ltd., 2020)

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