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Gennaro Rubino (1859- ), Italian Anarchist

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Ruth Rowlands, our transcriptions coordinator, Kay Lorenzato and Colin Moretti helped fellow member, Roger De Bruycker, from Antwerp, Belgium, with the research of the book by Anne MORRELI: Rubino, l'anarchiste italien qui tenta d'assassiner LĂ©opold 11. Editions Labor, coll. Histoire, Loverval (Belgique), 2006, 132 p. ISBN-10 : 2804024598 ; ISBN-13 : 978-2804024598. Acknowledgements to the AIFHS have been given.

Ruth was successful in finding Gennaro Rubino's wife's descendents and living relatives.

For more information on the anarchist movement and Gennaro Rubino click on the link for an editorial comment in English Gennaro Rubino