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Family history beginners

Cyndi's list of genealogy sites on the internet
Genealogical research portal. Includes beginner's guide and section on Italy.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a huge resource for genealogists. This includes research guides (Wiki), indexes, filmed records and a network of Family History Centres through which their extensive library is made available. Library includes some microfilmed Italian parish records. Website includes many baptisms, etc, some UK census index and some Italian records that can be browsed: not all are indexed.

Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History
From GENUKI UK & Ireland Genealogy.

Italian family history - general
A good set of Italian genealogical and organisation links.

The Italian Genealogical Group (IGG)
An American-based international group, which organises many events, and has started putting databases of records online. Of limited use to UK-based researchers, though there is a useful article based on a talk by Trafford Cole, introducing Italian records.
Italian Genealogy website that includes forums. Appears to be American based. Includes a database and general guides to Italian genealogy such as reading Latin documents (Article archive Mar 2003), Italian dialects (Article, Feb 2003).

Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian
This is an excellent American web page prepared by Paula Nigro, well worth visiting. Full of information, links and tips on how to write letters to Italy.

Italian Resources for Jewish Genealogy
A guide to the main resources on Italian Jewish genealogy, but also useful for researching people of all religions.

Getting started with Italian research
This guide to researching Italian family history is from the Latter Day Saints' FamilySearch.

Italy Gen Web
A site created to assist in genealogical research in Italy. Includes some transcriptions and alphabetical list of communes. Mainly from a US perspective.

Italy Letter Writing Guide
This is from the Latter Day Saints' FamilySearch.

POINT - Pursuing our Italian Names Together
How to join the American network for US/IItalian genealogy (POINT/PIE).

Anglo-Italian history and culture

Backhill Online
Social website which aims to connect with the Anglo-Italian community of all generations. Includes archive of BackHill magazine 1977-1997.

BBC Legacies: Immigration and emigration:
Bedford's Italian question

Collar the lot! Britain’s policy of internment during the Second World War
From the National Archives

Digital objects from the Edwin C. Bolles papers (Tufts Digital Library)
Collection of digitised books on the history of London from its founding to the 19th century. Includes information about the lives of Italians in London in the 19th century. Maps of London from old site.

Includes information about oral history projects of the educational branch of ACLI Christian Association of Italian Workers). Provides extracts and photos from oral history projects of memories from Emilia-Romagna, Sicily and Wales.

Family Portrait: the Scots-Italians 1890-1940 : Italians resident in Scotland in the 1930s
Map of Italians living or working in Scotland in the 1930s based on the 1936 edition of the Guida Generale Degli Italiani in Gran Bretagna with some additions from Kelly’s Directory (1928).

The Ice House : the ice well, ice trade, ice cream, and related history
London Canal Museum. London's ice cream history involved many Italians and Swiss Italians. Website includes the full text of a novel, Ragazzo, about Victorian London and the Tichinese community including Carlo Gatti.

ISRC Archive: Italo-Scottish Research Cluster
Online archive with material from the 1880s, the period of the first Italian mass migration to Scotland, to the present. Includes documents for the most part not previously identified, including letters, photographs, films and other personal ephemera. Also interviews and specific family information.

The Italian Chapel (Undiscovered Scotland: The Ultimate Online Guide)
Background and history of the Italian Chapel on Orkney, Scotland. Includes photographs and information about Italian prisoners of war, Scapa Flow and the Churchill Barriers.

Italian Cloister Garden
About the Glasgow Arandora Star memorial garden.

The Italian Job
BBC programme looking at the vibrant and colourful Italian community in Bedford, presented by Roberto Perrone. Includes audio recording and links to other BBC Italian pages.

Italian Scotland
Promotes Italian heritage, language & citizenship in Scotland.

Italians in Clerkenwell: Rosa Lusardi by Olive Busagni
Archived copy of a story from Moving Here : 200 years of migration to England.

Little Italy
Liverpool Italian community near Scotland Road . More about Liverpool Italians on Terry Cooke's page. (from Scottie Press, community newspaper for Vauxhall area)

Manchester's Ancoats Little Italy by Anthony Rea
Memories of the Italian colony of Ancoats

Liverpool's Italian Families
History of Italians in Liverpool by Debra D'Annunzio.
Scots Italian website dedicated to preserving the history of the many Italian families and their generations that have made Scotland their home.

SS "Arandora Star"
Information about the SS "Arandora Star", sunk in 1940, with Italian and German internees aboard. Includes list of Italian casualties, some of whom were brought by tide and current to the Scottish island of Colonsay, where they were laid to rest.

Welsh Italians
The story of the Avventurieri...the Adventurers, the first Italian emigrants who settled in South Wales towards the end of the last century and started the cafés without which no township in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire is now complete.

West Bar - Sheffield's "Little Italy"
History of Sheffield's Italian population

Italian organisations in British Isles

Amici Val Ceno Galles
Organises social and cultural events in South Wales for Italians and Welsh Italians living and working in Wales. Has strong links with Bardi in Val Ceno.

Bristol Anglo-Italian Circle
Arranges talks and events throughout the year on various subjects on Italy and Italian life and culture.

British Italian Society
A forum for lovers of Italy and Italian Culture founded over sixty years ago.

Consulate General of Italy in London
Includes some useful links

The Embassy of Italy in London
Includes Embassy news

Il Circolo Londra: Italian Cultural Association
For people with an an interest in Italy and Italian culture.

Italian Cultural Institute Dublin: Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Ireland. Fosters cultural links between Ireland and Italy.

Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh
Promotes Italian language and culture in Scotland and Northern Ireland organising a wide series of events.

Italian Cultural Institute
London. Official Italian government agency for the promotion of cultural exchanges between Great Britain and Italy.

The Italian Society of Bedford
Organises talks for anyone interested in Italian culture.

Mazzini-Garibaldi Club
London based social club originally founded in May 1864 as La Società per il Progresso degli Operai Italiani in Londra under the joint presidency of Guiseppe Mazzini and Guiseppe Garibald.

St Peter's Italian Church : Chiesa Italiana di San Pietro
Thriving Italian church established in Clerkenwell in 19th century. Includes news, projects, brief history and events.

Southend Anglo Italian Circle
Aims to foster relationships and understanding between British and Italian communities and to promote interest in Italian society, culture and language

Church records British Isles

Catholic Heritage: Archive catalogue
Catalogue of archival holdings of insitutions in the Catholic Church, including Scottish Catholic Archives and Diocese of Westminster Archives. Use this to locate physical records."

Catholic National Library
Lists UK Mission Registers.

Catholic Family History Society

Catholic Record Society
Lists their publications including register transcriptions

Links to Irish RC Records in the Liverpool Area
Information about Catholic registers in the Liverpool area from a Liverpool Irish family history website.

Liverpool History Projects
Provides access to indexes to Roman Catholic marriages, baptisms and burials in Liverpool. Also Merseyside Aliens and other records.

Civil records British Isles

Aim25: Archives in London and the M25 area
Provides collection level descriptions of the archives of over one hundred higher education institutions, learned societies, cultural organisations and livery companies within the greater London area.

Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths. FreeBMD provides free Internet access to the Civil Registration index information for England and Wales. Not all years are covered yet.

London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes
Several legal notices are required by law to be published in the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom. Includes naturalisations. Includes digitised issues for both world wars.

UK BMD : Births, marriages and deaths on the Internet
Links to web sites that offer on-line transcriptions of UK births, marriages, deaths and censuses.


Barometers and the Italian Emigration (Jean Hood's Website)
Information about barometers and Italian emigration from Como

Biblioteca On Line
A specialised resource centre on Italian and international migration. Search the catalogue to identify useful articles or books that you may be able to obtain through your local library.

Dictionnaire des musiciens à Dunkerque
Dunkirk, France. An index of musicians, dancers, and musical instrument makers born, domiciled or passing through Dunkirk between 1700 - 1914. Includes many Italians. Records indexed include census, marriage and passports and migrant declarations.

ISTG (Immigrant Ships Transcribers' Guild)
Transcribed passenger lists includes some ships from Italy. Also has Compass, a guide to assist you in your search for immigrant related information.

Italian genealogy books
An alphabetical list of books about Italian emigration.

Les archives en France et ailleurs (FranceGenWeb)
French archives by Département, with many records available online. Many Italians passed through France on their way to Britain and left records behind them, e.g. a birth in Paris.

Italian History

The Catholic Encyclopedia
Part of New Advent Catholic website. Includes history of Italian dioceses

Centro Studi Emigrazione Roma
The Centre for Migration Studies (CSER) was established to study the sociological, historical, political, theological and pastoral aspects of national and international migration movements. Includes bibliographies, and details of their library.

Finding Your Waldensian Ancestors
Information about Italian protestant family history.

Giuseppe Garibaldi
Includes the list of names of the '1000' that were with Garibaldi.

Italian History Index
The Worldwide Web Virtual library. Internet resources on the history of Italy, whether from Italy and abroad, in both Italian and other languages.

History and politics of Italy

Church records Italy

Diocesan Directory
RCNet. Links to dioceses and their parishes in Italy.

An Italian Parish look-up. If you are looking for a comune that starts with San or Santa, use S. before the name of the parish.

Parrochie (Chiesa Cattolica Italiana)
Searchable directory of parishes in Italy. You can also browse using a map of the dioceses (Diocesi).

Civil records Italy

Antenati : Gli archivi per la ricerca anagrafica
Ancestors: archives for genealogical research. Images of documents stored in state archives, e.g. civil birth, marriage, death records. In Italian with some English.

The ARCHIVI portal
Italian Archives (in Italian). Gives addresses and websites of State "Provincial" Record Centres in Italy (Archivi di Stato). Includes details of what each "Provincial" Record Centre holds.
Directory of municipal information for Italian towns, useful for addresses of town halls.
Information, statistics and addresses of Italian comunes, provinces and regions.

Finding Italian Records
D' Explains where to write to obtain copies of civic family records and provides addresses for each Comune. You need to write to the Comune (municipality) of the city or town from which your ancestors came. If they came from a small town you must write to the Comune of the city having jurisdiction over the frazione (hamlet).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mostly in Italian. Includes information about historical archives of documents created in its offices in Italy and abroad, including Kingdom of Sardinia (London 1730-1860). Hint: try using Google to help translate.

Transcribed Vital Records of Italian Towns
List of websites or email addresses that represent the transcription of hundreds or thousands of records.

Italian geography and maps : Italy in full details
Lists regions, provinces, towns and provides some information about them.

Mappy (Italia)
Provides street plans of Italy etc. Shows comune boundaries not visible on Google maps.

Italy Maps
From FamilySearch. Includes Italy Under Napoleon 1812, After Napoleon 1815, Present Day , Present-day Provinces

WHKMLA Historical Atlas : History of Italy
Historical maps of Italy

Italian surname lists

AIFHS members' interests
Surname interests of members of AIFHS

Genealogie delle famiglie nobile Italiane
Information about researching Italian noble families. Registration required.

Italian origin search : Find your roots : Helpful links and more
A collection of links to pages of transcribed material containing surnames. E.g. birth/baptism, marriage and death/burials; census, military lists and books.

Italy Surname Distribution Map (Gens)
Just enter your surname (cognome), find (Trova), and this will show you the spread and density of people with this surname living in Italy.

Links to Surname Websites
D' This link allows you to browse the names that have been submitted directly to the site or search for websites that feature the name that you're looking for.

Webster Signature Database
Used to be called Websters' Instrument Makers Database. A repository for information about people who made and signed scientific instruments preserved in collections worldwide. Includes Italian barometer makers.

Italian names

Everything you want to know about Italian Given Names
Steve Russo's pages gives an introduction to Italian names, and also separate lists for male and female given names, common and rare.

First Name Translator
D' A simple program translating names between Italian and American.

Italian Naming Traditions and their Ramifications
An extract from Lynn Nelson's book 'A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors' discussing Italian naming traditions and the ramifications of Italian first names.

Origine dei cognomi
Origins of surnames. Written in Italian. Web archive copy of website.

Italian addresses, postal codes and telephone numbers

CAP e Prefissi Telefonici
Postal & Telephone Codes for all the towns in Italy.

Pagine Bianche
The official white pages for Italy. You must enter a surname (Cognome) and at least a province.

Pagine Gialle
Italian yellow pages, with the option of translating the search page into English. Useful for locating Italian churches and businesses.

Italian language helpers

Free Italian translations requesting civil records from Italy
Provided by member Ruth Rowlands.

Free Translation
Includes Italian Translations.

Google language tools
Automatic translation of portion of text or whole page. Also searching in selected language.

The Italian documents : records extraction guide
Helps you to read old Italian handwriting for extracting parish and civil registration records. Scanned book originally published by the LDS as "Italian Records Extraction - An Instructional Guide".

Italian Language
Guide to Italian language with links to lessons, history of the language, etc.

Italian Occupations A-Z and the English Equivalents

Italian to English Vocabulary To help with family history documents
One page of definitions arranged alphabetically

Provides translation using Collins Dictionaries. Includes Italian.

Yahoo! Babel Fish
Translation Service. Input a URL for a web site or a block of plain text and this site will translate for you from Italian to English or from English to Italian.

Latin helpers

Free Online Latin to English Translator
Translate text and web pages between Latin and English

Latin Genealogical Word List
Latin words with their English translations

Latinized Given Names
List of latinised forms of English names. This does not necessarily include all Latin forms of Italian names but may help interpret older church records.

Miscellaneous transcribed records

AIFHS Transcriptions
Various transcribed lists of surnames. More are available to members in the Members Area of this website

Albo dei Caduti della Grande Guerra
Roll of the Fallen of the Great War.

Centro Studi "Nicolo Rusca"
Baptism records for Como. Go to Archivio Diocese then select banca dati battesimi (on right). Once the new screen opens you will see that at the top of the page there is a magnifying glass ..... press. You can try using Cognome (surname of child) and below Cognome (surname) mother, godmother and godfather. These records include the date of the parents marriage.

Cognomi italiani fra il 1800 e 1900 (Italian surnames)
A collection of links to pages of transcribed material containing surnames. E.g. birth/baptism, marriage and death/burials; census, military lists and books. Broader date range than implied by the title, e.g. indexed data in one linked site includes events in 1600s.

Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes
Archives site that includes part of France that used to be in Italy, e.g. Nice. In box headed "Services en ligne," under "Les archives départementales," click on Actes d'État-civil. Give village and approximate years to access lists of people baptised, born, married or died in those years.

Italian Ancestors
Digitised and partially indexed Italian records from Familysearch (LDS) project. Also wants volunteers.

Italian records
A database of Italian records contributed by site visitors. Started with records from Sicily.

Thunders Of White Silence : the Protestant Cemetery of Florence called 'The English Cemetery'
Complete register, with photographs, of the Protestant cemetery in Florence.

San Cataldo, Caltanissetta, Sicily
Marriage and death index for San Cataldo, Caltanissetta, Sicily.

Vizzini, Catania, Sicilia, Italia Genealogy
A resource for people whose ancestors came from the town of Vizzini, located in Italy.

Italian researchers

Italy / Italia : Professional Researchers, Volunteers & Other Research Services
From Cyndi's list. A list of organisations and individual researchers.

Professional Genealogists and Genealogy Research Services for Italy
Genealogy Pro. A directory of genealogists offering research services for Italy, some US based, others based in Italy. Good descriptions of their specialisations. Most other countries are also covered on this site.