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Our Privacy Policy

Under the terms of the EU Directive 2009/136/EC we, the Anglo-Italian Family History Society (AIFHS), are required to inform all visitors to our site of our use of cookies. These are small text files that are downloaded onto your computer by web sites to provide information about how you use the site so that the site can be improved and tailored to the users' needs. The cookies may be either first-party (created and placed by us on the website) or third-party (created and placed by a third-party on the website and offer a service to our site). The Society has no control over the contents of third-party cookies.

The Information Commissioner's Office has issued advice to members of the public on this topic and can provide browser related instructions on blocking cookies (see also links below).

The Society does not use cookies to track visitors' or members' personal information. We do use or allow the following cookies on the website:-

  • A StatCounter Analytics cookie. This third-party cookie is used only to determine the number of first-time and returning visitors and to estimate unique visits to the site. No personal information is stored in the cookie. Cookie duration is 5 years. There is no negative impact on accessing the site pages if this cookie is blocked.
  • A Google Analytical cookie and a Google Adsense cookie. These third-party cookies are used to tailor the advertisements presented on the website. There are no negative impacts on accessing the site pages if these cookies are blocked.
  • A long lived cookie generated by the website provider. This is required to verify that access to the Members Only Area is permitted by this computer/device. Blocking this cookie WILL prevent access to the relevant page.
  • A short lived first-party cookie is used to verify log-in data from authorised committee members of the Society. This is used to provide secure access to various maintenance functions. Blocking this cookie WILL prevent access to the relevant page.
  • A short lived first-party cookie is used by the CAPTCHA script on various Member and Committee pages. CAPTCHA scripts are used as a deterent to automated hacking and are an essential part of our security. The cookie does not contain any personal information. Blocking this cookie WILL prevent access to the relevant page.
  • An empty first-party cookie indicating that the user's permission has been given to install our cookies on the computer. The cookie will expire a year after it was last accessed. Blocking this cookie will not prevent access to the website but you will be nagged to accept cookies on all pages.

We are required to obtain your consent to download cookies onto your computer. Each time that you attempt to access one of the pages on our website, we check whether you have previously granted permission by looking for the existence of the cookie listed above. If it does not exist, we will ask for your permission. If this is not granted and you continue we will interpret this as implicit permission as permitted in the EU Directive. If permission is granted we will place the cookie on your computer and we will not ask for you permission again.

The Society is not reponsible for the usage of cookies by third-party web-sites that are mentioned on our pages. If this is a problem, please refer to your browser's instructions on blocking cookies. Some browsers will allow you to block specific cookies rather than blocking all of them.

Blocking cookies

The links below may help you set up selective cookie blocking on your browser.

Browser Where to find information about controlling cookies
Internet Explorer

Personal details

The Society records members' personal details in an online database. A member's contact details (email and postal addresses and telephone number if provided) are stored in the database in an encrypted form for additional security. In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (2018) these contact details are no longer available to other Society members unless access permission has been specifically given by the member. At a current member's request these details can be marked as "Public" and will then be available to other current members. The details will, however, be available to the Society's Committee for administrative purposes but will not be disclosed.