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Our Privacy Policy

The Anglo-Italian Family History Society is committed to privacy and security. This privacy policy explains how and why we are using your personal data and is intended to ensure that you remain informed and in control of your information.

Personal data that we hold

The Society collects "personal data" that you provide to us and which is information that identifies a living person, or which can be identified as relating to a living person.

The Society records members' personal details (name, postal address, email address and telephone number) in an online database. These are required by the Society to register the member onto the site and inform the member of any news, events that may be of interest and of changes to the site. The member's email address is required for the log in process together with a password. For members without an email address an alternative username is available. A member’s contact details (email and postal addresses plus telephone number if provided) are stored in the database in an encrypted form for additional security. The password is stored in a one-way encrypted form.

In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (2018) the contact details are no longer available to other Society members unless access permission has been specifically granted by the member. A current member can mark these personal details as "Public" and they will then be available to other current members. The details, however, are available to the Society's Committee for administrative purposes but will not be disclosed. A member may view, edit and set the privacy status of his/her personal details, username and contact details that are held by the Society via the "My Account" page. A member may also view, edit and set the "Contact by email" permission that allows/forbids the Society's committee to use the supplied email address to contact the member.

On the first login members are invited to change the default password and username to new values of their choice and confirm that the Society may contact the member by email. All options can be viewed and amended at any time by the member via the "My Account" page.

No details are shared with external organisations.

The Society will continue to hold lapsed members details unless the members formally requests that they are deleted.

The Society is not supplied with any credit/debit card details when a member uses PayPal to pay the fees. PayPal do forward the contact details that were supplied by the member to PayPal through a secure transaction data interchange. These details are used to automatically enrol a new member but can be subsequently changed at any time by the member. The PayPal supplied contact details may not be the relevant ones as members often use partner's or PayPal business accounts for payment purposes – members should verify that the database holds the correct values after a PayPal transaction and amend accordingly.

The Society database holds lists of a member's surnames and topics of interest than can be displayed for other members to view (if permission has been granted) to enable members with shared interests to exchange data.

How we use your personal data

Cookie Usage

Under the terms of the EU Directive 2009/136/EC we, the Anglo-Italian Family History Society (AIFHS), are required to inform all visitors to our site of our use of cookies. These are small text files that are downloaded onto your computer by web sites to provide information about how you use the site so that the site can be improved and tailored to the users' needs. The cookies may be either first-party (created and placed by us on the website) or third-party (created and placed by a third-party on the website and offer a service to our site). The Society has no control over the contents of third-party cookies.

The Information Commissioner's Office has issued advice to members of the public on this topic and can provide browser related instructions on blocking cookies (see also links below).

The Society does not use cookies to track visitors' or members' personal information. We do use or allow the following cookies on the website:-

We are required to obtain your consent to download cookies onto your computer. Each time that you attempt to access one of the pages on our website, we check whether you have previously granted permission by looking for the existence of the cookie listed above. If it does not exist, we will ask for your permission. If this is not granted and you continue we will interpret this as implicit permission as permitted in the EU Directive. If permission is granted we will place the cookie on your computer and we will not ask for you permission again.

The Society is not reponsible for the usage of cookies by third-party web-sites that are mentioned on our pages. If this is a problem, please refer to your browser's instructions on blocking cookies. Some browsers will allow you to block specific cookies rather than blocking all of them.

Blocking cookies

The links below may help you set up selective cookie blocking on your browser.

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