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We try to have a stall at a few family history fairs each year, with the largest being Who Do You Think You Are, which has moved out of London to Birmingham this year. We are keen to hold more regional meetings or attend regional history fairs, particularly in Manchester, Scotland and South Wales. It can be as small and local as a coffee morning, which you can organise yourself by contacting other members near you (addresses in Members Area on website).

If you are willing to help organise a meeting in your region or help at a fair, please contact the Chair. You don't have to be an expert. It's always a pleasure to meet other members and hear their own stories at first hand.

The events below may be of interest. The Society may not be represented at them.

Also see some of our past events.

Family History Show, London

On Saturday, September 22, 2018
The UK's Biggest Family History Show of 2018 is almost upon us. After last year’s hugely successful event we are back and twice the size! With even more free talks, societies and exhibitors. Come along to discover ways to delve deeper into your family tree and add more detail to your research. Dick Eastman will be giving the keynote speech on 'The Future of Genealogy' and there is a full programme of free talks to help you on your way back to the past. With free car parking and a free minibus from the train station

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Sebastiano Dessanay and his music

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Sardinian composer and double bassist Sebastiano Dessanay presents ten new compositions written on poems by two Sardinian authors, Pasquale Dessanai, the famous poet from Nuoro, whose centenary from his death occurs in 2019, and Fanny Satta, from Gavoi, who at the age of 100 published a book of poetry in Italian.
Despite the music of Dessanay funds its roots in contemporary music of the twentieth century, is also characterized by a strong melodic sense that on this occasion has been deliberately accentuated in order to enrich and give a further dimension to the texts, in Sardinian dialect and Italian . The chosen poems deal with the most varied topics, from descriptions of landscapes, scenes and situations of Sardinian social life, to more universal themes such as the relationship between two lovers, aging, death.
The ensemble consists of professionals active in the field of contemporary music: Dave LePage on violin, Jack McNeill on clarinet, Melissa Morris on piano, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass. The quartet will accompany the voice of baritone Themba Mvula.

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