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Below are listed the pages available on this web site. They are arranged in directory (rather than alphabetical) order.


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19th Century Immigration To The UK
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Members' Photos
Photos from the Italian Procession, Clerkenwell, 2004
Photos from the Italian Procession, Clerkenwell, 2006
Photos of the Italian Procession, Clerkenwell, July 2007
Photos from the Italian Procession, Clerkenwell, 2011
Photos of the Italian Procession, Clerkenwell, July 2007
Photos from the WDYTYA show Olympia May 07
Photos from the WDYTYA show Olympia May 08
Photos from the WDYTYA show Olympia May 09
SOG Fair 2006
Barbara Jones's Photo Album
Fusco Pictures
Photos from Liverpool Family History Fair 2009
Desio Pictures
Dragonetti & Margiotta Pics
John Picco's Photo Album
Coppola Family Pics
Viscardini Family Pics
John Wassall's Photo Album
Rod Saunders' Melaragni, Melarangi, Tomasso and Dadoma family pics
Olive Pompa's Photo Album
Mary Watson's Righellato Family Pics
Vicenzo Romano's Photo Album
Lynn Whittington's Cirullo Pics
Arthur Beyless's Photo Album
Ron Hassall's Cascarini and Gizzi pics
Gennaro Rubino Anarchist
Pictures of the Amato Family
Mary Watson's Righellato Family Pics


Italians Forward Surname Index
Early 20th century residents of Back Hill, London
St Peter's School, Clerkenwell, 1920s
War Memorial, St Peter's Italian Church, Clerkenwell
Italians from Ticino
Family Group Records
Census Transcriptions


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